The Council Affairs Unit is an arm of the Registry charged with the responsibility of overseeing and handling matters relating to the activities of Governing Council.


Specifically, the routine duties of the Office include:


Servicing of meetings of the Governing Council as well as those of its Committees viz:

  • Issuance of Notice of Meetings
  • Preparation of Agenda, working papers and briefs, recording at meetings and production of minutes of meeting and forwarding of same to members preparatory to subsequent meetings.


Logistics/welfare of members of Council

  • Making arrangement for Hotel Accommodation for members of Council and its Committees preparatory meeting.

  • Arrangement for the mobility/conveyance of members of Council and its Committees to and/or within the College for attendance of meetings or other assignments in the College or on behalf of the College.

  • Provision of snacks and lunch for members during meetings.

  • Ensuring an eventful stay of members of Council and its Committee in the College.


Decision Implementation

The Unit assists the Management through the Registrar in the implementation of Council decisions and those of its Committees.


Incidental Duties

The Unit performs other incidental duties as are directed by the Registrar and Secretary to Council.

Since the establishment of the College, eminent personalities has served as Chairmen and members of the Governing Councils.