Notable Achievements

  • Prompt Information Dissemination: Information are now widely disseminated and made readily available to staff and students on demand through various means including print, electronic and on-line sources and at various offices
  • Database Creation: Information are accessed and data generated periodically to the College community.
  • Rumour mongering and distortion of information has reduced drastically arising from the pro-active release of information to the public by the Unit.
  • Productivity Enhancement: The Freedom of information Act paved way for productivity enhancement in the College.
  • Transparency in College Governance: The Freedom of Information Act improved transparency in College governance.



Projected Achievement

  • To publicize the existence of the Freedom of information Act
  • To educate the College community on the content of the provision of the Act.
  • To organize seminar on the implementation of the Act
  • To create a reliable database on the College activity and operation
  • To pro-actively release information that would be of interest to the College community.