Modus Operandi

        The bookshop operates under the supervision of a standing college committee in ensuring the smooth running of the bookshop. The highlights of the activities are as follows:

  • Collection of textbooks from the authors.
  • Sales of textbooks
  • Payment of money to the authors
  • Remittance of 15% commissioned items to the college venture regularly.
  • Sales of stationary items
  • Remittance of stationary items sold to the college venture daily.

The current committee members are:    

Mr. Buari F.R.                   -        Chairman

Mrs. Oluokun L.A.              -        Secretary

Mr. Yusuf A.A.                  -        Member

Mr. Imran A.A.                 -        Member

Mr. Salaudeen G.O.           -        Member

Mrs. Atolagbe A. A.           -        Member

Mr. Adeleye O.J.               -        Member