The Junior Personnel Affairs Unit was extracted from the Personnel Affairs Unit in dealing with rank and file of all staff. The Personnel Unit was sub-divided into two Units (Senior and Junior Personnel), for administrative convenience. The work schedules

of the two Units are closely related. This Unit, since its establishment has been headed by a Deputy Registrar who is responsible to the Registrar of the College.

In lieu of this, the duties of Junior Personnel Affairs Unit and Senior Personnel Affairs Unit are interwoven but has a different section. Junior Personnel Affairs Unit is saddled with the responsibility of handling the Establishment Matters of Junior staff of the College.

However, the Unit has been addressing all matters based on approval or directives given by the Provost or the Registrar of the College.

Philosophy and Objectives of the Unit

The Junior Personnel Affairs Unit is a sub-unit in the Registry Department that oversees the day-to-day administration of the College especially on personnel related matters for Junior staff. To train and retrain the junior staffers in order to bring out the best in them. Moreover, the Registry Unit being the engine room of the College is to provide the needed middle level manpower that will drive the engine of Government policies and interpretation of circulars. The Unit deals with recruitment of junior staff cadre, leave matters, promotions, redeployment, conversion, re-designation of staff among others