• Renewal of the College Insurance Policies: The college insurance policies including motor and non-motor are yet to be renewed for 2015/2016 underwriting years. These policies have technically lapsed due to non payment of the required annual premium{no premium no cover}

  • Students Groups Personal Accident/Insurance Scheme. The renewal insurance scheme is yet to be communicated to neither the broker nor co-insurance on the need to provide cover for another twelve calendar months as result of non-settlement of the annual premium.

  • Group Life Insurance Policy : The unit received a sad notification on the untimely death of three members of staff this year. Following this notification, the unit has commenced action and presently workin on substantiating documents sent to us with a view to informing the federal ministry of education, Abuja and the insurers in accordance with the provision of section 8 sub session 1 of pension reform Act 2014 so that the death benefits of the deceased staff could be paid to their bereaved families without delay.

  • National Health Insurance Scheme: The unit is attending to series of complaint from staff and as regards scheme and also provide necessary assistance to members of staff who intent to do fresh registration.