The unit was created with the mandate to carry out the following duties.

  1. Planning, organizing and coordinating of all sporting activities for the students and staff
  2. Training of College athletes (students and staff).
  3. Maintenance of all college Sports Materials and facilities


          The unit is headed by a chief Sports officer with assistance Sports Officer while the 2 other officers are coaches that compliment the work fo the unit.


          The Sports unit moved to its permanent sports site in 2006. The site is made up of 4 offices, a standard football pitch, 2 tennis courts and a basketball court.

          We have also been able to organize and host various competition such as NICEGA Zonal elimination, Colleges of Education Staff Sports Association of Nigeria Games (CESSAN) Oyo State Tertiary Institutions Games (OYSTIGA) and a host of other.

          Our athletes both able and the physically challenge have won laurel for the college at both state, Nation and international competition.


  1. Inadequate fund for sports programmes
  2. Lack of gymnasium for indoor competition and training
  3. The Sports unit will need more coaches to assist the ones available


  1. We hope to scout for more athlete that will project the image of the college
  2. The College looks forward to the hosting of the NICEGA Games in future to help improve the College sports facilities.
  3. Provision of recreation centre to access sport news and programmes
  4. Provision of generating plant to power the office in the sports complex
  5. Construction of borehole to wet the sport field.