Duration:    Four (4) years minimum.

Internship – one (1) year with pay followed by registration and full certification. Candidates for the award of B.Ed Certificates are required, among others to earn at least thirty-six (36) credits in General Education Courses, six (6) credits in Teaching Practice and fourteen (14) credits in General Studies Education (totaling fifty-six (56) credits in the Education Component of the B.Ed Programme to qualify for graduation viz:

General Education                      -        36 Credits

Teaching Practice                       -        06 Credits

General Studies Education          -        14 Credits

Total                                       -        56 Credits


Teaching Practice:

Teaching Practice – Six (6) Credits, should be a separate unit, but must be co-ordinated by School of Education, specially the co-ordination is to be housed in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction under the supervision of a committee with the Dean of Education as Chairman. Teaching Practice is compulsory for all B.Ed students. It has to be done in the candidates teaching subject(s) and has to passed for the candidate to earn the six (6) credit required for graduating in this course. Bearing in mind the demands of the UBE and the Senior Secondary Education. Teacher Education Institutions are required to assign their students to both primary and the two tiers of secondary schools for the Teaching Practice to give them appropriate exposure at those levels and contexts respectively in their respective of their teaching subjects.


Every candidate for the B.Ed, irrespective of any other departmental project, is expected to pass EDU 323. There should be a co-ordinating committee for EDU 323 made up of a representative from each school and headed by the representative from the School of Education.

Regardless of the Department where the Research Project is done, his score should be sent to the School of Education for record and computation of Students grades.