The school, having being in existence since the establishment of the College in 1977, has well qualified and experienced lecturers who are capable of handing not only NCE programmes, but also under-graduate diploma, degree and post-graduate programmes

in education. Hence the school aims of metamorphosing into Faculty of Education.


  • Conferences: The 2015 Annual School Conference which was held in May, was titled Creativity and Innovation in Education for National Development. Awards were given to sixteen (16) reputable individuals within and outside the College in who had made immense contributions to the College and education at large. The event witnessed the presence of dignitaries in the academia. Proceedings and papers presented at the Conference are at press and would be released before the next conference.
  • Workshops: The School organized several workshops for her staff and the general public during the year in focus, using the machinery of her various committees.

On 16th January, 2015, the Staff Capacity Building Committee organized a workshop on supervision of micro-teaching practicum. Dr. A. Ajibade delivered the lecture. This workshop was well-timed as it assisted in training new and old lecturers in the art of micro-teaching supervision. The same committee held another workshop on 13th May, 2015 on examination conduct in the College. Attendance was impressive and encouraging during the workshops.

  • Research and Publications: During the year, staff members were motivated and assisted by the Research Committee to write papers and carry out research. This has resulted in massive publications across disciplines and geography by staff members.

The School publishes a journal called The Educator Journal of Contemporary Issues in Education. The journal is published twice a year and draws subscribers from erudite scholars all over Nigeria. The first volume of the year was published in 2015 while the volume 2 is already at press.

  • Sports: All work without play makes jack a dullard. As the impacts of sporting activities on the mental and intellectual ability of academic staff cannot be sidelined, the School’s Sports Committee regularly hold sporting activities to keep members fit. It is worthy of note that the School of Education won gold and silver medals in the just-concluded 2016 COEASU week.
  • Annual Get-together Programme: The Get-together programme of the School of Education was held in February, 2016. The programme was meant to take stock of all the activities in the School in a relaxed mood and also to provide socialization opportunity for academic staff members. Prizes and gifts were given to all staff to appreciate their efforts during the year.
  • Staff Welfare: Staff members contribute one thousand naira (N1,000.00)/month to take care of exigencies such as celebration/ ceremonies, sickness, accidents, and other issues affecting staff members. This sum is deducted from source to ensure consistency.