The school had produced highly skill manpower that are excelling in their chosen profession.

The School also had to it’s credits three (3) books namely,

  • General Introduction to language and literature published in 2002 and Edited by Mr. W. O. Fatokun and Mr. G. O. Osunketan.
  • Language, literature and good governance: the Nigerian experience. Published in 2007 and Edited by Mr. F. R. Buari and E. U. Alilonu.
  • Topics in language and literature for peace, security and development in Nigeria published in 2013 and edited by Mr. O. A. Idowu, A. M. Surakat, G. O. Osunkentan, E. O. Olabode.

As at the time of compiling this report the fourth book is about to be produced.

The school have a functional journal called OJOLA, Oyo Journal of Language and Applied Linguistics, at present the journal is volume 3, number 2.

Aside the school’s journal Department of English who happened to be the first Department has to it’s credit a functional Journal called SPED JELLS the journal is in it’s 2nd volume.


The School planned to have degree programme for all it’s courses