Goals and Objectives:

School of Secondary Education (Science Programmes) has the following goals and objectives:

  • To prepare competent NCE teachers in the area of sciences i.e. Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Integrated Science, Mathematics, Physical and Health Education as well as Physics in conformity with the vision and mission in the College.
  • To ensure that the College provides effective teaching and learning environment that will support the vision of the College.
  • To see that the lecturers attend classes promptly and discharge their assigned duties with maximum effectiveness, efficiency and sincerity of purpose.
  • To provide advisory services to students to assist them in learning.
  • To stand as role models to students so that they can be motivated to learn and become somebody in life.
  • To enforce College rules and regulation so as to maintain law and order that is congruent to peaceful environment where progress can thrive.
  • To assess the competence level of students through tests and examination as laid down by the College in order to determine their capability for promotion into a higher and more complex level of learning.
  • To ensure acquisition of relevant skills in teaching and vocation through participation in supervision of teaching practice exercise and SIWES programmes organized by the College.
  • To train students in sports and games for intra and extra-mural sports programmes for their all-round development.
  • To encourage capacity building by recommending the willing academic and non-teaching staff for staff development programmes for improved efficiency and productivity in career.