School of Secondary Education (Science Programmes) is one of the oldest schools in the College. Currently, there are seven (7) departments that make up the school. These are:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Integrated Science
  • Mathematics
  • Physical and Health Education
  • Physics

The School is as old as the College as it came into existence in 1977 and has since been committed to contributing to the development of the College, society and the country at large.


The School of Secondary Education (Science Programmes) share the same vision and mission with the College.

          2.1    Vision:

The School is established basically for the production of quality NCE teachers in the areas of science who are competent to handle both the normal students and the students with special needs at both primary and junior secondary school levels. These levels are otherwise regarded as the Basic education levels.

          2.2    Mission:

                   The laudable vision above is being achieved through:

  • Ensuring the availability of conducive teaching and learning environment.
  • Assisting the College in the appointment of seasoned personnel (academic and non-teaching) who are to carry out the specialized services.
  • Organizing and attending academic conferences seminars and workshops for upgrading the knowledge and competence of staff for effectiveness and efficiency in the performance of their chosen careers.
  • Participating in periodic review of academic programme as deemed fit by the controlling body, the NCCE, such that the preparation of manpower would meet the current needs and aspirations of the society.
  • Providing incentives through, recommendation of deserving staff for promotion so as to ensure effectiveness and efficiency at work as well as job satisfaction.
  • Proper supervision of academic programmes by the Dean and the HODs to ensure effective performance and conformity with the acceptable pattern and standard.
  • Supervising students on teaching practice and SIWES to ensure acquisition of relevant skills and competence in teaching and vocational education.
  • Supervising students’ projects to inculcate in students’ knowledge of research and paper writing as part of teachers’ preparation programmes.
  • Engaging students in sports and games to ensure their all-round development.
  • Conducting tests and supervising examinations to evaluate the students’ learning and capability for promotion into high and more complex learning.

2.3    Goals and Objectives:

School of Secondary Education (Science Programmes) has the following goals and objectives:

  • To prepare competent NCE teachers in the area of sciences i.e. Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Integrated Science, Mathematics, Physical and Health Education as well as Physics in conformity with the vision and mission in the College.
  • To ensure that the College provides effective teaching and learning environment that will support the vision of the College.
  • To see that the lecturers attend classes promptly and discharge their assigned duties with maximum effectiveness, efficiency and sincerity of purpose.
  • To provide advisory services to students to assist them in learning.
  • To stand as role models to students so that they can be motivated to learn and become somebody in life.
  • To enforce College rules and regulation so as to maintain law and order that is congruent to peaceful environment where progress can thrive.
  • To assess the competence level of students through tests and examination as laid down by the College in order to determine their capability for promotion into a higher and more complex level of learning.
  • To ensure acquisition of relevant skills in teaching and vocation through participation in supervision of teaching practice exercise and SIWES programmes organized by the College.
  • To train students in sports and games for intra and extra-mural sports programmes for their all-round development.
  • To encourage capacity building by recommending the willing academic and non-teaching staff for staff development programmes for improved efficiency and productivity in career.


The School is headed by the Dean who is being assisted by the Head of each of the seven (7) academic departments that make up the school. All these Heads of department are responsible to the Dean in the day-to-day running of the affairs of the School.

Likewise, the School office is being headed by the School officer, who oversees the general administration of the school in consonance with the directives of the Dean. The School officer is being assisted by other Registry staff including the Administrative officers, Executive officers, Confidential Secretary and other junior personnel.


          1.      Mr. J.A. Ojo                                               -        1985-1993

          2.      Dr. J.B.C. Oranugo                                  -        1993-1996

          3.      Dr. (Mrs.) O.Y. Giwa                                 -        1996-2000

          4.      Dr. S.A. Adeniran                                     -        2000-2004

          5.      Dr. (Mrs.) M.A. Akin-Taylor (Acting)        -        2004-2005

          6.      Mr. T. O. Adelowo (Sole Administrator)  -        2005-2008

          7.      Dr. (Mrs.) M.A. Akin-Taylor                      -        2008-2012

          8.      Dr. R. A. Ojo                                              -        2012 till date


          The School office performs the following functions among others:

  • Screening of newly-admitted students;
  • Registration of students;
  • Documentation of students’ files;
  • Issuance of school office receipts;
  • Issuance of examination permit cards/clearance slip;
  • Addressing students challenges;
  • Prompt coverage/recording of school board meetings;
  • General administrative work in consonance with the directives of the Dean.


          The School had achieved the following in the past years:

  • Accreditation and commencement of academic activities in the Physics Department in 2015/2016 academic session.
  • Accreditation and commencement of degree programme in the Departments of Physical and Health Education (Human Kinetics Education) and Mathematics in 2012/2013 and 2015/2016 academic sessions respectively in affiliation with the University of Ibadan.
  • Some academic staff won TETfund scholarship to pursue Higher Degrees (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) within and outside the country.
  • Improved students’ enrolment across the various departments in the school.
  • A number of academic staff secured TETfund grants for manuscript development for textbooks publication.
  • TETfund grants for research activities.
  • TETfund sponsorship for conferences.


          The following were being projected to be achieved:

  • Accreditation for more courses in the degree programme in affiliation with the University of Ibadan.
  • TETfund scholarship opportunities for more staff were currently in process so as to have more beneficiaries.